Custom Fitting

We use the latest SkyTrak ball monitor to help us through the fitting process to help us identify the best shaft and club combination to maximise your game.

Sessions with Alan

Club Fitting Session - £20.00 (Cost deducted from the price of the club)

Bag Mapping Session (1 hour) - £25.00

(Learn how far you really hit each club, Improve the knowledge of your game and play with more confidence)


Sessions with Josh

Bag Mapping Session - £25.00

Know how far you hit each club? If not, a bag mapping session is perfect for you! Sharpen up your game through gaining knowledge on how far each club goes.

Custom Fitting - Free (Can take up to 60 minutes)

Find the correct combination of equipment to optimize your performance. Custom Fitting allows customers to get clubs made and measured specifically to them. For better results in your game. Go Custom Fit.


To request your club fitting, click here.