Golf Lessons

Lessons with Alan Gibbons PGA

SkyTrak Golf Lesson (40 mins) - £25.00

Non SkyTrak Lesson (30 mins) - £20.00

Club Fitting Session - £20.00

(Cost deducted from the price of the club)

Bag Mapping Session (1 hour) - £25.00

(Learn how far you really hit each club, Improve the knowledge of your game and play with more confidence)

Indoor Short Game Practice - £10.00

(Practice to set distance targets in the comfort of the studio, sharpen your distance control and improve your scoring) 30 Mins

Indoor Long Game Practice - £10.00

(Practice your driving to different shaped fairways, master the dog legs or simply build your confidence from the tee) - 30 Mins

SkyTrak Studio Membership - £60.00

(Enjoy 5 hours of practice in the comfort of the studio, practice sessions can be taken in half an hour or one hour sessions, valid for twelve months)


Lessons with Josh Dixon

Individual Lessons

30 Minutes - £15

60 Minutes - £30

Course Lesson (7 holes) - £45 - Improve your golf and lower those scores through better course management.


Package Lessons

5 week course that covers:

  • 2x Long Game Lessons
  • 1x Pitching Lesson
  • 1x Chipping Lesson
  • 1x Putting Lesson

Introduction to all areas of the game (if needed) including long game through to putting also with etiquette and rules.

£60 per 5 Week Block or £25 per session.


Indoor Lessons

30 Minutes - £20

60 Minutes - £35

Bag Mapping - £25 (Know how far you hit each club? If not, a bag mapping session is perfect for you! Sharpen up your game through gaining knowledge on how far each club goes.

Custom Fitting - FREE - Can take up to 60 minutes

Find the correct combination of the equipment to optimize your performance. Custom Fitting allows customers to get clubs made and measured specifically to them. For better results in your game. Go Custom Fit.



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